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Energy Services 


Plant Performance monitoring and supervision

The operations team of APEX will be responsible for continuous monitoring and supervision of the PV power plant conditions and its performance


APEX team will prepare a periodic performance report and maintenance report for the PV plant.

Performance analysis, improvement, and generation forecasting

The data will be collected and analyzed to ensure that the plant meets the contractual agreement, the expected performance, and the plant operation align with the agreed-on KPI’s


Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance has several advantages, including:

  • Optimizing the safety management of equipment and systems during their lifetime.

  • Delay, eliminate, and optimize some maintenance activities.

  • Reduce time to repair and optimize Spare Parts Management costs.

  • Reduce spare parts replacement costs.

  • Increase availability, energy production, and performance of equipment.

Corrective Maintenance

  • Resolve the issue in a timely manner. 

  • Inverter troubleshooting.

  • Repair deficits.

  • Replacement of any damaged part.

  • Rerun the PV plant in case of any event occur. 

Preventive Maintenance

  • Monitoring the project performance frequently. 

  • Visit the PV plant regularly and check the
    plant components like panels and inverters. 

  • Reduce the energy losses by quick response for any malfunctions.

  • Achieving the best return on investment for the system.

  • Reduce the deficits to the minimum. 


Spare parts management

Effective inventory management not only reduces potential downtimes and secures revenue, it also helps to stabilize long-term O&M costs.

Remote monitoring

APEX provides remote monitoring and data analysis through online monitoring systems to predict premature wear and tear to be avoided.

Warranty management

APEX ensures you are protected against problems such as manufacturing defects, environmental issues, and ensures our client’s agreements are being executed as if we were the Owners ourselves.


Production Analysis and studies


I-V Curve Tracing

Financial Analysis and Modeling

Solar Due Diligence Studies

Owner's Representation

Evaluation Reporting


Earthing Testing


Through this examination, the integrity of the grounding system of the DC equipment and the grounding of the AC equipments are confirmed

Thermal Imaging


Through this examination, hotspots can be identified, and problems with high temperatures in the solar panel and connections in electrical panels and other components of the solar system can be identified.


I-V Curve Tracing

We provide current-voltage curve tracking services with the preparation of detailed reports on the resulting curves and the significance of each curve.

Cables Insulation Testing

This inspection must be done before the operation of the solar system or as part of the periodic maintenance of the project, as current leakage problems cause the disconnection of the renewable energy system and consequently a loss of part of the plant’s productivity